Hello everyone.

My name is Kinga Michalska and I have decided that, as a real estate agent who represents RE/MAX – the biggest real estate chain, I would help Anita Mackowiak, a very friendly owner of the Tower House, to sell this especial and marvelous property in Rakoniewice, located in the middle of Wielkopolska (a region of west-central Poland), close to the Poznań city.

The owner has spent more than forty years in her Tower House, and she has already decided to move on with her life. If you wish to help her with her actions, please share the information contained on this site and real estate advertisements. She intends to find someone who will love her home as much as she does, and would like to settle in it or use properly this potential of this exclusive manor.

Since now the offer is available all over the world, and in the whole country thanks to the Re/MAX Global system.

All details I share on the website below:


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I would be grateful for any help in looking for the relevant Customer, who will appreciate the worth of the property in Rakoniewice and would become a happy owner of this treasure;-)