The property is located in Rakoniewice, Grodzisk Wielkopolski county, Greater Poland Voivodeship. The estate sits in the western part of the city once known as Zamieście Zachód . From this side it is bordered with green areas of the former vineyards, and further – with  the local forests; from the south is the City Stadium; from the north with the neighbors of the Słoneczna street; and to the east – the historic train station from where every hour railcars leave to Poznan. Nearby is a health center, a pharmacy and recreational areas (tennis courts, stadium, sports hall) The city center is less than a kilometer away.
Location along the Słoneczna street provides access to utilities – gas, electricity, water and sanitation; not only at the height of the house, but also the entire length of the eastern parcel, which gives it an ability to divide it into plots for residential buildings. The residential part of the villa is able to house a 2 + 3 family, which provided with a house, can plan the further economic development at any rate, spreading investments over time. This is a rare opportunity for long-term peaceful development for a family and their financial base.

In the right wing of the house old dining rooms are located. When the house changed its character from the winery guard tower to a restaurant, a dining room, hall middle and higher ballroom were added to the right side of the residential part. On the north side a veranda was built, from which one can admire the park and pond. With time the veranda it was built over for local manufacturing purposes.

The nature of this part of the house has changed over the years. It housed a restaurant, cinema, wedding house, plant manufacturing Christmas decorations, upholstery plant, and even precious stone cutting. For many years it used to be the center of cultural and social life of Rakoniewice’s inhabitants.