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Rakoniewice Commune, Grodzisk Wielkopolski County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Attractive price: 797.000 PLN

The estate is located 60 kilometers from Poznań, 70 kilometers from Zielona Góra. The property consists of the main house, farm outbuildings, and a second dwelling intended for renovation. The house itself was built in the 1860’s at it’s earliest. It is a two stories tall, brick wall villa, and roof covered with steel sheet tile.

The building is divided into a residential and production areas; which can be incorporated into living area, or adapted for the purposes of various business activities, such: as production, fitness, development center, kindergarten, offices, etc. The estate contains an expansive basement system underneath the residential part, vast attics under roof’s midsection, and a garage with a technical access tunnel.

The compound is surrounded by a park with a pond, a recreational area, a small orchard, and a well-kept garden. Front part of the plot consists of farmable land which can be used for construction purposes, or for the development of the estate, for example: a horse paddock or recreational area.

Total area: 602.5 m2
Living area: 159.4 m2
Production area: 183.6 m2
Attics: 187.3 m2
Veranda: 72.2 m2
Garage: 29.6 m2
And basements

Total area: 1,6 ha
Front plot: 1 ha

The residential part of the house consists of:
Porch: 5 m2
Entry hall: 12.5 m2
Tower staircase hall: 26.7 m2
Kitchen: 14.7 m2
Bathroom: 7.8 m2
Four rooms: 21.3 m2; 23.7 m2; 24 m2; 23.7 m2

Ground floor plan (click to enlarge)

First floor plan (click to enlarge)

The production part of the house consists of:
Ballroom hall: 100 m2
Restaurant hall: 48.6 m2
Middle hall: 35 m2
Cellar room with sanitary facilities to be restored.

Ground floor plan (click to enlarge)

Attic rooms: 21,3 m2; 36 m2; 45,5 m2; 45,5 m2; 20,4 m2

A walk-up basement, with brick floors and windows. It consists of two boiler rooms, pantry, and four storage rooms.

Septic tank
Central heating
Gas stove connection

In addition to the main house there are the four outbuildings:

Barn – brick
Cowshed – brick
Woodshed – wood
Second residential house: Surface area of 120 m2. To be renovated.  Media: electricity,  coal and wood-burning stove.